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How to Create Positive Change in Your Child

Posted on 30. Mar, 2010 by .


It is very important for us to help our children create positive change in their lives.  It is also important that they learn how to do this for themselves as they grow up.  When we work to end negative patterns we open up new pathways and we want all the pathways possible opened up for [...]

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Establishing Rapport with Individual Students

Posted on 26. Mar, 2010 by .


When you want to establish rapport with students you need to do what is known in NLP as mirroring. MIRRORING = COPYING Q: Why would you mirror someone? A: When you mirror another’s behavior and facial/verbal expressions, you can easily establish a rapport with that person. Q: Will the person notice this mirroring? A: No.  [...]

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Teaching Students Using the Senses

Posted on 18. Mar, 2010 by .


When it comes to teaching students, knowing the primary sense system of each student is absolutely crucial.  In fact, this might be the most important part of your job as a teacher. Have you ever taken the time to find out how a student learns with their senses?  It is really quite easy to do [...]

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How can teachers positively apply Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) strategies in the Classroom

Posted on 07. Mar, 2010 by .


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of  wonderful and useful techniques to add to your own teaching toolbox.  This is a set of tools that can allow you to accomplish a number of things in your classroom, including developing a rapport and a better relationship with your students and helping your students improve in their [...]

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