How to Create Positive Change in Your Child

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It is very important for us to help our children create positive change in their lives.  It is also important that they learn how to do this for themselves as they grow up.  When we work to end negative patterns we open up new pathways and we want all the pathways possible opened up for our children.

For instance, if a child has a negative pattern when it comes to getting homework done, then their grades will suffer.  Changing this negative pattern into something positive will open up a whole new world of possibilities for them.

There are two techniques you can use to help your child end negative patterns.  What you want to do is “delete” all negative states in your child’s mind.  The goal is to ensure that your child is completely motivated no matter what state they are in.

The first technique is called the dissociative technique.  This is especially effective when you want to help your child learn to change their feelings about a certain situation.

The second technique is called swish pattern and is ideal for helping your child eliminate bad habits and create momentum for moving ahead into a bright future.

Both of these techniques are useful in giving your child a positive outlook and positive feelings on the various situations in their life.

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