NLP Parenting-Change Childs Strategy to Change Childs Behavior

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Each and every person uses a strategy with which to operate. All behaviors are linked to these strategies. When you change the strategy with your child, then his/her behavior will change too.

Poor Strategy = Poor Behavior
Good Strategy = Good Behavior

When it comes to your children, if you can help them change their strategies, then they can change negative behavior into positive behavior. This NLP strategy involves your knowledge of sense systems.

While we each have a primary sense system, that doesn’t mean that we use only that sense system. The other sense systems do factor in and when it comes to behavior you will see that the strategy involved usually uses a combination of the sense systems.

Here is an example. Your daughter is seven years old and hasn’t learned to ride a bike yet. She is afraid. Whenever you suggest it, you can see the change in her face and she makes up some excuse of why she can’t ride her bike now. In her mind the strategy behind her behavior might be something like this:

1. She can hear the sound of the bike hit the pavement as she falls off the bike (A).
2. She can feel the pain that will cause (K).
3. She can see her friends riding by on their bikes (V).
4. She feels sad and embarrassed because she cannot ride too (K).

There is a sequence of sense systems in this strategy that go like this: A – K – V – K. This is what goes through her mind every time the prospect of trying to ride her bike comes up. What you need to do is help her change that strategy to something different. When you do this, make sure that the first sense system used is the primary sense system and then build from there. The new strategy could be something like this if she has audio as her primary sense system:

1. Bring up a time when she was successful at something that she was afraid of. This could be her school play and you can tell her to remember the sound of the applause when she was finished (A).
2. Tell her that you can remember seeing the smile on her face that night and how happy she felt (K).
3. Tell her to think how she will feel when she rides her bike for the first time (K).
4. Have her see herself joining her friends as they ride to get ice cream (V).

You have now changed her strategy. It has become: A – K – K – V.

Your children can use this tool to deal with any negative behavior whether it is something related to school or getting a job or their performance in sports. Once this tool is in their tool box, your children will have a lot more control over their negative behaviors and their emotions.


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  1. Mary

    04. Mar, 2011

    Children normal behaviors depend on various natural and environmental circumstances in which a child grow and observes the way for his best possible conduct within his reach and interact amongst those who respond his gestures and body talks.

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  2. Eagle

    09. May, 2011

    Stands back from the keyboard in amazement! Tnhaks!

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  3. Jessie

    10. May, 2011

    That’s way more celevr than I was expecting. Thanks!

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