FREE Information Sessions To Discover the Secrets of Parenting & Teaching

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Hi parents, teachers and child care centre managers,

Are you facing challenges with :

- your children’s behavior at home, at school or

- your students’ behavior in class?

Would you like to have the skills to motivate:

- your children to behave and function appropriately at home or at school;

- your students at school and in  social interactions?

Do you want to assist your Children or Students to acquire life skills to succeed as an individual regardless of their age?


Join us for a Complimentary Educational Session to discover the tools that you can implement into your daily home or classroom life. We will share with you the secrets that can positively motivate and provide your children/ students with valuable life skills, which will enable them to become “successful” individuals at home, at school and in many aspects of their life.

Take positive action now!

Please email me your interest for attending a Complimentary Educational Session at   Please provide the details including your name, address, email, telephone number and child’s age so that I can invite you to a Complimentary Educational Session nearest to  your residence place within Melbourne, Australia.

I also host Complimentary Educational Sessions on Webinars for those of you who are not living in Melbourne, Australia.  You can email me at kidsmotivation to notify me of your interest and I will register you in my FREE Webinar Information Sessions.

Have a great week!

Rachael Mah

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