New Manual :Strategies for the Classroom

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The Top 10 Steps to Success in the Classroom Manual is available now!

Discover how to coach your students to succeed in the classroom/seminar room?


This fabulous book will cover some of the Top “10 Effective NLP Strategies for the Classroom” that you can use with individual students and with the class as a whole.  These techniques and tips are based on the experience of teachers in the field including myself, who have successfully used NLP in their classroom in different environment.

Some of the most beneficial NLP techniques for you and the students are:


#1: How to establish rapport with an individual student which will enable you to help them better and create a win-win situation for everyone.

#2: Establishing rapport with the group of students by using pacing and leading.  You can use this technique to turn an entire group around to your agenda while remaining in charge.

#3: Teaching students using the primary senses.  This entails determining the primary sense system of the student and then delivering information in a way that works best for that system.

#4: How to read a student’s mind by learning how to read their eye movements.

#5: Finding a balance between right brain days and left brain days.  This involves determining which mode the class is in and then teaching in a manner appropriate to the mood of the day.

#6: Learn how to handle a disruptive student in your classroom while maintaining respect for the student and your class.

Buy this manual which will help you to achieve a  greatly motivated and successful classroom  on or

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  1. Loryn

    09. May, 2011

    Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after several days stgrugilng

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  2. Bryson

    10. May, 2011

    That’s the best asnewr of all time! JMHO

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    • admin

      31. May, 2011

      Bryson, Thank you. if you want to organise group workshop with your friends, I can help to facilitate the workshops . Let me know how I can help. Rachael

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