How To Get Kids To Lose Weight

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Another question I often get asked is “How To Get Kids To Lose Weight?”

In order for you to teach your child to eliminate negative habits including losing excessive body weight, you have to understand the swish technique yourself.

The exercise I use when asked “How To Get Kids To Lose Weight” is called “Swish Pattern”.

This technique is actually very useful for getting rid of any bad habit. For instance, you want to help yourself or your child to get rid of the bad habit of over eating or eating wrong foods at the wrong time of the day which resulted in excessive body weight or fats.

  1. Imaging the time when you were indulged in excessive eating of large serve or wrong choice of food (bad habit) that you want to get rid of. It is right in front of you, right where you can see it.
  2. Now you need to create the new situation or desired habit and you need to see it way in the distance. Maybe this is an image of a slim and good looking person that you want to be.
  3. Now I want you to rapidly push the negative image away to the horizon and very quickly replace it with the desired image. You can imagine that they look like a blur while they pass each other or that they make a swishing sound or that you can feel the stir of the air as they move past each other.
  4. Leave that image in its new place for a few moments in order for it to “settle” there.
  5. Now clear your mind and have it become neutral.
  6. Repeat the exercise until you are very familiar with it.


This is a highly effective exercise, that, once you have tried them, you can teach to your child the same swish technique for getting rid of any negative habit including losing excess weight.

I look forward to your outcome and comments below on How To Get Kids To Lose Weight.

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  1. Kaedon

    09. May, 2011

    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of susnhnie.

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  2. Louise

    10. May, 2011

    You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Thkans!

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