Teach your child to read and spell using NLP

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Are you facing challenges trying to get your son or daughter to love reading and spelling?

Reading and spelling learning strategies go hand in hand. When you can coach your child to read , write and practice these fundamental life learning skills now regardless of their school  age, he/she will then turn into positive readers and writers for their life time.

What learning strategies have you read and tried to implement without forcing your child with threats or bribes?  This is quite a common issue at home or at school with school aged children from 4 years and above.

Do you want to know some powerful and effective Neuro  Linguistic  Programming (NLP) techniques that will help you to coach your child to love reading and spelling?

Here are the 7 key steps for you to coach your child to apply effective learning strategies:

  1. Sit with your child. Begin in a positive state.  Coach your child to think of a time when he/she has learned something easily, for example, how to learn the different colors on a chart.  Anchor that state by raising the hand or a “bingo” expression. Do this as many times as possible to get into a resourceful state.
  2. Reduce the learning topic to a manageable task list , one step at a time.
  3. Know the desired outcome.  For example, ask your child “ How will you know when you have learned this word correctly?
  4. Make appropriate comparisons for the level that your child has progress every week. ( measure how far he/she has achieved every week to build momentum and consistency.
  5. Manage your child’s expectations. Expect that your child still have more learning to complete. Get him/her to stay excited about the future learning exercises.
  6. Do not reinforce negative association with learning.
  7. Acknowledge and celebrate positive outcome. Anchor his/her feelings with positive self praise and affirmation. Future pace and link to the future positive outcomes of learning.

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