Teaching Your Teen To Get Along by Developing Rapport

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What is rapport?

It is simply getting along with someone; developing an understanding of another person and having a friendly relationship.  Can your teen do this with everyone?  Well, maybe not, but you will find that with most people your teen can develop a rapport and that this is important, especially when it comes to the people your teen interact with on a daily basis.  After all, the people your teen see at school each day, your teen have no choice but to interact with, so it is best if your teen know how to get along with them, right?  Knowing how to develop rapport is also a useful skill when it comes to meeting and communicating with new people.

When your teen can communicate effectively, she can more easily develop a rapport with that person.  However, there is another method of developing a rapport with a person.  It is something that your teen can definitely have some fun with, and it is easy to do once your teen get the hang of it.

For instance, your teen have someone that she don’t get along with very well or don’t know very well, and her teacher has put them together to work on a project.  How does your teen get this person to warm up to her and work well with her?  How does your teen get along well enough to get the work done?  Your teen does this by developing a rapport with that person, and the quickest and easiest way to do this is by doing something called mirroring.

Think of a mirror.  Your teen look into the mirror and she see a reflection of herself and the surroundings.  When she move, so does her reflection.  Her hand goes up, and so does the hand of the reflection.   Well, this is what you are going to do with the other person – sort of.

Mirroring someone doesn’t mean simply copying exactly what they do, but rather imitating it approximately.  For instance, when the person crosses her legs, your teen can cross her ankles.  If she has a certain breathing rhythm, your teen can match that rhythm by tapping her finger to it.  The great thing about mirroring is that the person is not aware that your teen is doing it – on a conscious level.  However their subconscious is feeling very flattered, and this makes that person warm up to your teen very quickly and easily.  Once your teen mirror the person that she is working with, your teen can then get on with whatever she need to do with that person.

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    Real brain power on display. Tahkns for that answer!

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