Help Your Child/Teen To Get Rid of Negative Behavior

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When we work to end negative patterns and behaviors we open up new pathways, and we want all the pathways possible opened up for our children.

For instance, if a child has a negative pattern when it comes to getting homework done, then their grades will suffer.  Changing this negative pattern into something positive will open up a whole new world of possibilities for them.  One NLP technique is called the “swish pattern”and is ideal for helping your child eliminate bad habits and create momentum for moving ahead into a bright future.

The swish pattern is easy to use.  Here’s how:

1.      Have your child bring an image of the negative behavior into her mind.  Have her imagine it is right in front of her and in great detail.  This behavior could be being late for class, not doing homework, or picking on other kids.

2.      Create the image of the desired behavior in the distance.  This could be walking into class on time everyday, a fabulous report card, or laughing and getting along with other kids.

3.      Have your child rapidly push the negative image away to the horizon and very quickly replace it with the desired image.  She can make a swishing sound while she does this if she wishes.

4.      Have her leave that image in its new place for a few moments in order for it to “settle” there.

5.      Have your child clear her mind and have it become neutral.

6.      Repeat the exercise.

After repeating this exercise a few times, every time she thinks of her undone homework, it will be immediately replaced by the image of the possible good report card if she does her homework.  This will happen automatically, as long as the technique has been practiced sufficiently.

Do you enjoy this NLP Tip?

Try it now with your Kid or Teen.

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Have a wonderful parenting relationship with your child/teen using this new NLP strategy for your home! ;-)



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