Reframe Your Naughty Child’s Behavior

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There are many things that cause negative behavior in both children and adults.  Among these are limiting beliefs that cause a child to think they must behave in a certain way.  Many of the problems that cause these limiting beliefs are actually quite easy to remedy, simply by changing the frame of reference in which they are viewed.  In other words, reframing the situation can make a huge difference!  This reframing is another way to adjust the filter of perception, and it comes in two forms: reframing the content and reframing the context.

I want to gently remind you that you must assume positive intent when it comes to your child’s negative behavior, or that there is at least a good reason for the behavior. It has probably served your child in some useful way.

The best thing to do when your child has a negative behavior that needs to be changed is:

1.     Assume good intent. ;-)   If you assume he meant to do something bad, then he might end up continuing on with the negative behavior and/or becoming defensive.  It is better to assume positive intent and then lead them from there.

2.     If the behavior needs a reframing of content, then you can find out what that positive intention is, and you can work with your child to find a different behavior that would meet the same need.

3.     If the behavior needs a reframing of the context, then you can sit with your child and discuss a more appropriate context for the behavior, i.e. a better time and place for the behavior.

To find out the whole series of the parenting strategies to turnaround your “Naughty Child”, visit the products section of this website.  Like many other parents who have got this ebook manual,” The Secrets of Parenting Naughty Kids” , it will really help you turnaround your naughty child as many parents including myself have proven positive results.

You’ll be so glad with yourself that you take charge of your parenting challenges now  rather than later for improving your relationship with your naughty child. One of my favourite quotes is  “to make your child good, make him/her happy”.

6 Responses to “Reframe Your Naughty Child’s Behavior”

  1. Tessie

    09. May, 2011

    Home run! Great slugging with that anwesr!

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  2. Susie

    10. May, 2011

    AFAICT you’ve cvreoed all the bases with this answer!

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  3. mikerosss

    21. May, 2011

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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    • admin

      31. May, 2011

      Mike, Thanks for your loyal visit to my blog. Please feel free to share with your family and friends. I do run group coaching and private coaching sessions that will be even more beneficial for you and the family. You can get your family and friends together and book me for a group workshop- live in Melbourne or webinar/teleconference/skype , so it does not matter where you live. Email: Have a wonderful and rewarding week. Rachael

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  4. shiaz

    03. Feb, 2015

    Can you please help me I’m struggling with my 6 year old, she is not following in class even though the teacher is putting her in first line to catch her attention, every day while leaving school I ask her what they learned in classroom and she would reply “I don’t known I forgot” I try to find out her home work but she would reply “I don’t know” I talked with the teacher about this but she said she my daughter would play in class is like she needs to play but she does as soon as she gets home she plays all the afternoon but as soon as We sit down to do homework she will start by I don’t won’t to read this or I don’t know this or I can’t read its hard even though its something we have read over and over, I have tried to give her something she likes as soon as she listens to what I say specially while working her home work, please please help me I feel like she is going to be lost cause this year at school is the base for her coming studies thanks again for your reply and your help, best regards shiarz

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    • admin

      04. Feb, 2015

      Hi Shiraz, I understand your situation. There are various steps that you can start taking positive actions. Discuss with the school counsellor to obtain an independent assessment. My Parenting ebook series is specially written as a guide for parents with different communication challenges. Try these positive action steps to get a better understanding of your child. Once you have ore information, you can contact me at to consider the next steps.

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