Life Changing Solutions For Your Aspergers Autistic Child

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As the parent of an aspergers autistic child, you have some extra challenges in raising your child to be the best he can be.  Those challenges stem partly from the perception your child has of the world and partly from the perception others have of your child.  Although generally referred to as autism, the proper name for it is Autism Spectrum Disorder, as there is a wide range of severity in the disorder that includes the most severe, what is generally known as autism, to less severe cases, such as Asperger syndrome and disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder.  Even in children who have been diagnosed with autism, the number and severity of symptoms can vary significantly.

What all parents and caregivers must remember is that human behavior is based on emotions and emotions are based on experiences.  This is equally true of autistic children and their experiences include that of having to interact in a “normal” world with a brain that is unable to make all the connections necessary for communication and functioning in that world.  Autistic children are labeled by many, but all autistic children need is to be understood.

As the parent of an autistic child, you would want to understand him better than anyone.  This can also be used to your advantage.  A non-autistic child’s minds does not work the same way as an adult mind and something that might seem trivial to you can be a really big deal for that child.  When it comes to an autistic child, the differences are even more pronounced.  You simply cannot look at your child’s life in terms of your own perspective.  It isn’t accurate and it isn’t fair.

What can you do?  Well, there is something called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and it can help you.  It has long been debated how NLP can help autistic children, but there has been plenty of evidence that it does.  If you have heard of NLP before, then you might be sitting there thinking there is no way something that is used to train sales people is going to be useful for your autistic child, but the truth of the matter is that NLP strategies can be used in a wide variety of situations and for all ages.  It encompasses a set of strategies that are focused on changing a person’s perception of the world and that can be done for anyone.

As an adult, you need to try to see the world and the child’s behavior from the perspective of the autistic child.  Try to think like an autistic child!  Go on, give it a try.  It’s hard isn’t it?  But it is so necessary.  Just acknowledging that there is a reason for something or that something is important to an autistic child even though you can’t understand why may be enough.

I want you to do one thing right now.  I want you to think about the last incident you had with your autistic child.  Consider how you handled it.  Was it positive or negative?  Did you yell?  Did you say anything inappropriate?  Now let’s move from remembering to anticipating.

The next time you see behavior in your autistic child that you have a hard time handling or the next time you talk with your child, whether about their behavior or just a general conversation, take the time to do the following:

  • Keep from reacting to what they are saying or doing.  Reacting comes from emotion and responding comes from stepping back and seeing past your emotions to try to understand what is happening.
  • Try to give your child the benefit of the doubt.  That’s doesn’t mean accepting their unacceptable behavior, but it means breathing deeply and understanding that there is a good reason for it.

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I hope to help you to have a more successful and happy parenting relationship with your aspergers autistic child for now and the future.

PS: Disclaimer:

This is about sharing and teaching life and communication skills that may help to improve your parenting relationship with your child. If you have serious medical matters relating to autism, please consult the specialist or medical practitioner.

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2 Responses to “Life Changing Solutions For Your Aspergers Autistic Child”

  1. Timandra

    05. Sep, 2012

    I would love to be able to step back from my child’s behaviour, but often it involves the safety or well being of his siblings. Trying to shut down my emotional response is simply not possible when my other children are under attack or being disturbed. I need a way to stop this behaviour in its tracks, immediately. Help.

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    • admin

      22. Jun, 2013

      Hi Timandra, The Secrets of communicating with your child to eliminate his/her negative behavior is to firstly have a postive mindeset for yourself and your child. Then you would listen, talk and understand your child’s perspective like a coach do to their sports or music student. Once you know their reason behind their negative behavior, you would then be able to calmly work out a win win outcome with your child. To get more, go and get a copy of my FREE REPORT- The Secrets of parenting happy kids. Try my ebook ” Life Skills Tool Box For parenting for 60 days no risk money back guarantee. You would have many WOW factors in improving your relationship with your child and his life long communication skills would benefit all in your home.

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