How To Communicate With Your (Aspergers)Autistic Child

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Hi Parent/carer,

Today’s topic is short and sweet ie how can you learn to communicate more effectively with an autistic child.

Do you understand your child’s representational system i.e. his/her primary sense system?

The three senses that dictate how we take in information and how we output information are visual (V), auditory (A), and feeling or kinesthetic (K).


Young children are generally primarily kinesthetic and will begin to grow into their permanent sense system as they reach school age.

Once you know which of these your child uses primarily, you will be able to communicate with them on a new level.

Identify the primary sense system that your child uses by asking questions about something of his//her interest and assess his/her response.

1. If your child replies to your question by saying ,” I feel that xxxx”. He is a kinesthestic learner and communicator.

2. If your child replies to you by saying,” I hear xxxx”- he learns and communicates better in auditory mode.

3. If your child replies to you by saying ,” I can see many xxxx”- he is a visual person.

You will be able to talk to them in a way that uses predicates that are in line with that sense system.

Have fun. Try this strategy out with your autistic (aspergers) child!

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