Coaching Your Kids And Teens To Succeed

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Dear loyal clients and blog subscribers,

Thank you so much for all of  your compliments, comments and how you have really benefited from my blog tips.

I am so inspired by your compliments and comments that for the first time, I am using my Blog to announce that  I  am extending my passion  from writing highly valuable blog posts to running group and private coaching sessions too!

Go to Home Page to get my FREE ” Secrets of Parenting  Report”.

Also, below is a summary of what I can do for you and your friends who would really want to invest in a highly valuable set of gem tools  called the ” Life Skills Tool Box For Parenting”.

I can help you and your friends by providing:


  • One-to-one coaching. This can be done in person, by telephone or skype call so it does not matter where you live.
  • Parenting Workshops (Live or Teleconference/Webinar). Contact Rachael to set up a workshop for you, your school of parents and your friends. Workshops will include interactive role play, exercises and discussions.
  • Speaking engagements- by appointment.

My unique “Life Skills Tool Box For Parents” system will help every child feel they have a place in this world.  It will raise their self esteem and give them the discipline to understand the consequences of the choices they make!  Parents are experiencing major breakthroughs in their relationships with their children as well.  Because their child is more in control of his or her behavior and emotions, the communication between child and parent becomes open and honest.  This open and honest communication can keep your child from indulging in behavior and habits that can have a life time negative impact on them.

My Life Skills Tool Box For Parents” e-courses and coaching programs focuses on improving the parenting relationship between the parent and their children by helping the parents to master his/her “Life Skills Tool Box For Parents” in order to coach their kids, teens, graduates and even adult kids! This is all about relationships no matter the age.


Email Rachael@ right now or ring my Toll Free No. 1800 618 6823  if you would like more information on a course, workshop or speaking engagement for your group or if you’d like to dig right in with some one-to-one coaching!

Look forward to helping you through my passion and mission.

Coach our kids and teens to be successful individuals. They can then pass this precious Gift to their future generations.

Happy Kids & Teens, Happy Parents- That’s my passion and mission!

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