Rachael Mah is a Certified Master Life Skills Tool Box For Naughty Kids Practitioner And Performance Consultant.

Rachael Mah has been inspired by her own children to write ebooks based on her experience as a parent helper in the school, as well as her international work experience as a corporate risk management professional and trainer in many countries around the world for many years.

She has put together the results of her extensive work experience and knowledge into a series of powerful ebooks to highlight the strategies and techniques that can be applied to develop positively motivated children at home and/or students in the school or seminar room.

Rachael Mah’s Background

Rachael Mah - Life Skills Tool Box For Naughty Kids Expert for Kids

Rachael Mah is a Master Life Skills Tool Box For Naughty Kids Practitioner and Performance Coach.

Rachael Mah is also a professional facilitator in the corporate world and with professional organizations.

Rachael has been greatly inspired by her children, prior support staff and peers across the Asia Pacific Region, USA and Europe to write books and training programs that add immense value to other families’ lives.

Rachael’s Vision

To establish the most compassionate and successful parenting school worldwide by helping parents nurture and coach their children by acquiring life skills through Life Skills Tool Box For Naughty Kids that will set them on positive tracks for life.


To establish a memorable, empowering, rewarding and fun-filled coaching school to help parents make a positive lifetime difference in their children’s lives.

Be the best selling author of The New York Times on the books and programs that can help parents to coach children to be more successful individuals regardless of their level of interests, abilities and talents.

Benefits of My Products

To the Parents

  • How to develop rapport with your child.
  • How to communicate effectively with your children.
  • How to create the desired emotional state in your child.
  • How to help your child replace bad habits with good habits.
  • How to help your child deal with fears and phobias.
  • How to help your young child get along with others.
  • How to help your child to stop procrastinating.

To The Teachers

  • Learn to assess your students’ learning styles.
  • Learn how to read subtle body language.
  • Learn how to use your language to get what you want.
  • Learn how to signal disruptive students before they disrupt.
  • How to have clearer communication in your classroom.
  • Develop better relationship with your students
  • Know Your Teaching Style and adapt for win win outcomes 

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