“Rachael Mah’s book “Secrets of Parenting Happy Kids” is an invaluable resource, with easily actionable steps that allow you to track your child’s progress. The advantage of Rachael’s method is that it can be universally applied and is adaptable to any situation.

The book can be used if you have problems with your child or you just want your child to strive for excellence. It shows you how to apply a series of excellent techniques you would never have thought of yourself, but in hindsight seem obvious.   It allows parents to be as involved as they wish in improving their child’s life while also giving the child the responsibility to implement the steps to improve their own life. It is a realistic approach for children of all ages.

The child improves in a no fuss environment, no threats, no punishment; no long exhausting talks, just a series of steps that align you and your child together in harmony.

It is very effective and it makes the task of raising children a delight.”

- Halinka P- International Market Research Specialist, Author & mum of two primary school aged children.

“Children are our most precious resource and we need to educate ourselves continually on how we can contribute to their growth. I am a retired teacher with over 35 years teaching primary and secondary students. I have children and grand children of my own. I know how important it is for us to nurture the individuality of each child and in doing so prepare them for the challenges of adult life. Rachael Mah has translated her love for children into an outstanding Life Skills Tool Box program on www.MotivateSchoolKids.com. Her program teaches strategies that enable us to motivate our children to love life and themselves and to make the most of the myriad opportunities available in modern life. I thoroughly recommend Rachael’s Life Skills Tool Box programs for parents, teachers, children and teens. I support its guiding principles, techniques and the way it demonstrates how we all can be in control of our emotions to achieve a successful and fulfilling life.”

-M Martyn,  www.superlearner.com.au

“Rachael’s Life Skills Tool Box for Parents is a life changing set of gems.  Every parent, grandparent or carer must have this Tool Box.”
- Raymond Aaron, New York Times bestselling Author “Chicken Soup for the Parents Soul”.

“Rachael’s Life Skills Tool Box Programs’ is an excellent educational Life Skills Tool Box for parents, children, teachers and young adults that focus on improving the parenting relationship between parents and children as well as every member of our family. Rachael’s work will help you to put your child on the path to lifelong achievement and success! Thanks so much Rachael!”

- Sandra Sunstrom- Life Coach, Naturopath, Reiki Practitioner