What Rachael Can Do For You

If you are feeling stressed and frustrated with parenting, or just want to get some new tips and stay  ahead of the game, here are some of the options Rachael can provide:

Life Skills Tool Box For Parents Seminar

These courses and coaching programs focus on improving the parenting relationship between the parent and their children by helping the parents to master her Life Skills Tool Box For Parents” in order to coach the kids, teens, graduates and even adult kids! This is all about relationships no matter the age. Rachaels’ Life Skills Tool Box For Parents” is  geared toward parents of children age 0 – 17.

One-On-One Private Coaching

This can be done in person, by telephone or skype call so it does not matter where you live. It can be most helpful when you are feeling most frustrated!

What is the Life Skills Tool Box?

The Life Skills Tool Box For Parents system will help every child feel they have a place in this world.  It will raise their self esteem and give them the discipline to understand the consequences of the choices they make!  Today, more than ever children everywhere need this program to help them excel in this ever changing and more complicated world.  Parents are experiencing major breakthroughs in their relationships with their children as well.  Because their child is more in control of his or her behavior and emotions, the communication between child and parent becomes open and honest.  This open and honest communication can keep your child from indulging in behavior and habits that can have a life time negative impact on them.