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NLP Parenting Online Training Monthly Workshops

There will be 10 series of Workshop Exercises for you to learn and implement as a parent, so that you can successfully coach your children to succeed as individuals at home, at school and in any social interactions.

1. Workshop Topics #1: Tip #1: Adopt a Positive Mindset.

2. Workshop Topics #2: How to Coach Kids to Success.

3. Workshop Topics#3: How to Build Rapport with Your Kids.

4. Workshop Topics#4: How to Communicate with Your Children.

5. Workshop Topics#5: The Powerful Use of Language.

6. Workshop Topics#6: How to Create Positive Changes.

7. Workshop Topics#7: Your Child’s State and Anchoring.

8. Workshop Topics#8:Making Problems, Phobias, and Limiting Beliefs Disappear.

9. Workshop Topics #9: Reading Your Child’s Emotions .

10. Workshop Topics #10: Change the Strategy to Change the Behavior.

The only way to have a truly respectful relationship in which everyone feels valued is to communicate in a healthy way and develop a rapport with each other that will allow you to talk things over and come up with solutions that work best.

These will be new tools for your parenting toolbox.

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