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 What You As A Parent Would Love To Apply In Order To Help Your Children Be Successful Individuals.

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“This manual is a blessing to every parent who truly wishes to make a difference. Your child will finally “get it” when you use Rachael Mah’s proven techniques.”

- Raymond Aaron, New York Time Best Selling Author, Chicken Soup For The Parents Soul.

Top 10 Proven Parenting Techniques And Skills To Help Your Children Be Successful in Life!

These Techniques And Skills Will Add Immense Life Time Value To Your Children’s Lives If You Coach Them Well Especially In Their Younger Years.

We all know the pain and frustration of children who just do not listen and follow their parents’ instructions or just don’t seem to listen to a word you say when you are at home with them. Sometimes I hear people say it’s like talking to a brick wall.

They do things that they know they shouldn’t and then when you try and discipline them they act like you are the one in the wrong.

Or does your child just lack the right motivation and you find it hard to connect with them or to influence them to make the right choices?

  • Is it because they are bad children?
  • Is it because you are bad parent?
  • Is it because there is something wrong with them?

No! And allow me to tell you why, but before I do may I tell you a quick story?

At the age of 5 my youngest child was diagnosed with Aspergers Autism and was told that he didn’t fit in, in the classroom and that he needed special help, because it was too hard to get him to do his work.

So, I began to seek help from doctors and psychologists but I spent so much time and money trying to get answers and a solution. I was determined not to give up on my little boy.

At about the same time I was attending a personal development course after being introduced to it by a friend. It was a new technique of communication and understanding, so I started applying what I was studying with my son and instantly I began to see an improvement in his results, not only in his school work but also with his social interactions and behaviors.

I continue to work with him using my Communication Tool Box and he is now a very happy child and is more engaged in everything he does – not to mention how his grades went up in his classroom!

To this day, I am very glad that I persisted with helping my son even though others were ready to write him off and put him in the “too-hard basket”. If only we knew about how well Life Skills Tool Box For Naughty Kids techniques fits into our parenting world much earlier.

The best part of my story in eliminating my son’s challenges is:

My son said to me” Mum, You are the best teacher in the world!”. How rewarding and fulfilling it was to hear such a sincere and truthful compliment from my own son.

At this point, I realized that I should share my Communication Tool Box and Techniques with other parents  to enable them to unlock their children’s full potential at home, at school and in any social interactions.

I continue to be a parent helper in my children’s schools and their classmates feel so connected and receptive to my assistance by communicating positively and encouraging them to see their own full potential as “successful” individuals.  Even my children’s classmates and playmates learned these wonderful Communication techniques from my kids through their ongoing communication and social interactions during home play, school activities and social activities like holiday and party gatherings.  Isn’t this amazing and rewarding? It is truly a life changing GIFT for all our children and their future generations too!

Live Case Study

A parent’s 4-year old daughter was very strong willed and did not follow her mother’s daily disciplines and instructions. She would just rebel against all the negative words and threats from her mum. After reading my blog tips, attended my presentation and asking me for an urgent fix, I suggested that the she should use my parenting behavior strategy and re-frame her daughter’s choices such as getting ready for her kinder school in proper attire or in her pyjamas suit. The mother tried out my parenting toolbox technique and it worked like magic! Her daughter sat and thought for a few seconds after being re-framed in her mind about her available choices and then automatically moved to get dressed for school while her mother was preparing breakfast.

It worked great since the re-framing technique enabled the child to feel in control about herself while being unconsciously disciplined by her mum to be dressed appropriately for school.


The Top 6 Things Most Parents Are Missing In Their Relationship With Children:

  1. Inadequate or no rapport with their children
  2. Not being able to pick their child’s right and left brain days
  3. Lack of proper strategies in dealing with a disruptive or emotional child
  4. Lack of strategy for behavior management
  5. Not understanding how to lead their child’s imagination for positive results
  6. Being able to listen and hear exactly what their child is saying

So What Can You Do Differently?

You may have heard the term Neuro Linguistic Programing or NLP before, but if you haven’t…

NLP is an effective way of understanding and communicating at a much higher level with people than most realise is even possible.

If you have ever seen someone speak from stage that captivated the audience where everything just flowed and you felt connected, there is a good chance they may have been using NLP tools or techniques.

Some of the Successful People Who Use NLP to Communicate Are:

  • Anthony Robbins
  • Barack Obama
  • Bill Clinton

As a parent, you have the opportunity to use Life Skills Tool Box For Naughty Kids tools to help your children during their prime developmental years, a time during which you can also teach the techniques to them, so that they will be better prepared and empowered as adults.

You can help your children make significant positive changes to their behavior patterns and communicate with them more easily than any other method known.

Benefits of Using Life Skills Tool Box For Naughty Kids:

  • Easily develop positive rapport with even the naughtiest children
  • Easily develop positive rapport with more than one child at a time
  • Improve their grades and understanding efficiently
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve their interactions with other children
  • Learn to change their own behaviors to achieve positive results
  • Be able to change their mood very quickly in a positive way

How much is it worth to you to be able to connect with your children and be able to influence them easily?

What would it be worth to have your children behave positively both at home and in social environments?


After thousands of hours of research and study I have put together a powerful book and audio series specifically for parents that goes through 10 effective strategies to engage, connect and understand your children at a much higher level.

In the Book We Cover:

  • How to understand the world of a child
  • How to control a chaotic home
  • How to engage children when it’s important (like homework)
  • Why children will engage in computer games but not school
  • How to understand what your child is really saying before you punish them

This powerful book and audio series covers the Top 10 Effective Parenting Techniques using Life Skills Tool Box For Naughty Kids Strategies that you can use at home and in social environments. These techniques and tips are based on the experience of some of the world’s best communication experts including myself, who have successfully used Life Skills Tool Box For Naughty Kids with children to create positive changes.

This book and audio series has helped dozens of parents understand what their children are really saying and to communicate with them in a much more effective way. If you think that it could help you to do the same then click the button below to get instant access to this ebook and audio downloads.

If you’re looking for an answer that can help you enhance your parent to child relationship it’s right here, right now. I had many challenges with my own children until I developed and applied a series of techniques that had my children behaving wonderfully.

Now I want to share these same techniques with you using my best selling multimedia course “10 Life Skills Tool Box For Naughty Kids Strategies for Parenting.”

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I really believe in helping our children thrive and that is why I have dedicated my life to helping parents and teachers to communicate effectively through my books, seminars, webinars and online community

Once you have read this book please send me your feedback and success stories, because I love hearing how the simple proven strategies that I teach work time and time again and the feeling of knowing that it helps people all over the world every day truly lights me up.

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Happy Parenting!

Rachael Mah