Secrets of Parenting Asperger’s Autistic Kids

An Important Message to All Parents of Asperger’s Autistic Children!

You Can Help Your Children And Teenagers Become More Successful At Home, At School and Socially – Starting Right Now!   (I Guarantee It!)

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As parents, we all would like to have our children thrive as “successful individuals” at home, at school, and just socially wherever they are for the rest of their lives!  But if your child has Autism or Asperger’s, you may be thinking that this is only a dream… and a dream that is now sadly unlikely to come true for YOUR child.

The everyday challenges we have in raising our children is sometimes made worse by the perception your Aspergers Autistic child has of the world around them and what others think of them.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way!  I will share with you a proven strategy that will change your Aspergers Autistic child’s perception of who they are and what they can accomplish

You see it’s all about perception, and an Aspergers Autistic child’s perception of the world is far different from that of any adult.  Each child has a unique model of the world built inside their mind, and the Aspergers Autistic child is no exception to this.

Imagine your Aspergers Autistic child thriving in any social situation and having the confidence and belief that they can succeed.  With the “Secrets of Parenting Aspergers Autistic Kids” all this is possible!

Let me tell you a story…

I have a friend who has a daughter who had no friends.  She didn’t know why.

She always seemed to rub people up the wrong way.

Her doctors told her it was because she had Asperger’s.

Her parents said it didn’t matter they loved her anyway, but she never seemed to be able to do anything right, though.

Her grandparents said she was just special.

Her teachers told her she had communication difficulties and it was ok, they would make allowances.

What nobody told her, what nobody could ever answer was WHY God makes some kids that nobody gets on with.

And WHY she was one of them.

WHY she couldn’t make any friends.

WHY she was different.

Why didn’t anyone tell her that?  Because there is no answer.  Let me write this in big print for you to make sure it’s crystal clear.

I don’t believe there are children that cannot make friends, who cannot communicate.  And that includes YOUR child.  You just have to know how.

And THAT’S something I CAN tell you.

YOUR child can, with your help, learn many things otherwise thought impossible.  YOU can, with my help, learn:

  • How to adopt a positive mindset  for coaching your Aspergers Autistic child
  • How to develop proactive strategies to achieve desired outcomes when coaching your Autistic child
  • How to communicate with your Aspergers Autistic child effectively
  • How to communicate with your child using their own personal primary sense system
  • How to build a good rapport with your Aspergers Autistic child.  This rapport will enable you to guide your child in a healthy way to behavior that is win-win for everyone
  • How to express yourself when communicating with your Aspergers Autistic child to achieve persuasive positive outcomes
  • How to out the root cause of certain behavior, to better understand their perspective and help them change his behavior to something acceptable

Wouldn’t that be great?  Oh, but I’m not finished yet!  There’s MORE!

  • How to create positive changes in your Aspergers Autistic child’s behaviors and life 
  • Ways to end negative patterns and open up new pathways for your child, and ways to make problems disappear by helping them change the way these are coded in your child’s mind
  • How to help your Aspergers Autistic child change their strategy (if you change the strategy, then the behavior will change too!)
  • How to help your Aspergers Autistic child to remember to implement his/her new strategy and to keep on track to positive behavior by using triggers and anchors 
  • How to make problems disappear using a technique called “reframing” 
  • How to get rid of “limiting beliefs” that cause unacceptable behavior
  • How to teach your children to lead more empowering lives
  • How to read your Aspergers Autistic child’s emotional state (if you are aware when your child is in a specific emotional state, so you can stop any negative behaviors before it starts).

With my “Secrets of Parenting Aspergers Autistic Kids”,  you can achieve all this.

I want you to envision a future where you have successfully coached and armed your child and or teenager with the power:

  • To change undesirable behaviors/habits to positive ones,
  • To eliminate conflicts, fears, phobias and limiting beliefs,
  • To make positive choices for themselves and
  • To improve their grades at school.

Besides being an incredibly fulfilling and priceless achievement for you and your child, these skills will be a legacy that your children may even pass on to their own children one day.

Parents!  Grand Parents! Teachers! Child Care Professionals!

Your answer to the challenges of living with, raising, teaching and mentoring chidren with Asperger’s/Autism is in my “Secrets of Parenting Aspergers Autistic Kids”.

Without a doubt, Rachael Mah’s Secrets of Parenting Aspergers Autistic Kids will put you on the path to a richer relationship with your child or teenager, bring peace and harmony into their lives and give them a foundation on which to build a successful and fulfilling life!

“If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings.”

-Brian Tracy

After achieving extremely positive outcomes with coaching my two children, other parents’ children in the classroom and seminar students using my Parenting and Teaching Life Skills Tool Box, I was inspired to author and publish my own books (ebook and hard copy) so I could share with others the power of this program.

My Multimedia Ebook and Audio Programs are focused on sharing with parents, as well as, teachers on how to coach children, teenagers and students on how to succeed as individuals by learning to manage and control their behaviors in different situations and environment.

YOUR children are no exception. Many people find tools and strategies difficult to implement with demanding kids.  Just because they carry a label of Autism or Asperger’s, these techniques WILL work for you and them.  I KNOW they will!  And I guarantee it!

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I have authored and published ebooks plus audios on Parenting and Teaching. The ebooks and related audios highlight the key approaches of effective communication strategies to help YOU to help your children and students achieve quantifiable positive outcomes in their attitudes, behaviors and interactions.  Yes, they work on kids like yours.  I’ll say it again.  Your children are no exception.  I’ve written my Secrets of Parenting Aspergers Autistic Kids especially with YOU in mind, to be CERTAIN these tools will work for children just like yours.

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