Congratulations for taking this initiative to learn the powerful and valuable NLP Teaching techniques that is sure to benefit both you and your students at a personal and social level.

I have set up this online training program to show you the key steps you need to learn and do, so that you can successfully guide your students to effectively implement the NLP techniques for now and the future.

In reality, this is really a two in one training program! So let’s get started.

In this NLP Teaching workshop you will learn…

1. How to establish rapport with individual students, enabling you to help them better and create win-win situation with them.

2. How to establish rapport with the group using pacing and leading when implementing your goals while remaining in charge.

3. How to teach students using their senses.  This entails determining the primary sense system of your students and delivering information in a way that works best for them.

4. How to read a student’s mind through their eye movements.

5. How to find balance between right brain days and left brain days and teaching in a manner appropriate to the mood of the day.

6. How to review the right brain days and handle them by knowing how to bring students into the left brain mode or how to alter your plans to suit the right brain.

7. How to handle a disruptive student in your classroom while maintaining respect for the student and your class.

8. How to orchestrate a pattern of required behavior using the order in which the senses are used.  This can help your students alter their strategy to change their behavior.

9. How to implement Transderivational Searching to help students solve a problem or change a certain behavior.

10. How to make a mind map that will help a student learn information in a way the mind prefers.

Plus in our bonus workshop you will also learn why and how to use the power of imagination to positively motivate your students in the classroom.

All of these are sure to bring about a healthier and better learning experience for both you and your students.  Enjoy your online training program and I wish you all the best in using these techniques to bring out the best in your students, and yourself.