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Do You Know The Secrets To Raising Happy, Self – Confident, Communicative And Healthy Kids/Teens

You want the best for your children. You want them to be happy and healthy. You want them to be self-confident.

You want to learn the secrets of raising happy, healthy and communicative children, regardless whether they are 5, 16 or even 25 years old!

The biggest regret that parents have later in life is that they did not spend enough time with their children and that they did not do a good job.

We know the pain and frustration of children who just do not listen and follow their parents’ instructions or just don’t seem to listen to a word you say when you are at home with them.  Sometimes, I hear people say it’s like talking to a brick wall.  Your children do things that they know they shouldn’t and then when you try and discipline them, they act like you are the one in the wrong.


does your child just lack the right motivation and you find it hard to connect with them or to influence them to make the right choices?

  • Is it because they are bad children?
  • Is it because you are bad parent?
  • Is it because there is something wrong with them?

No! Allow me to tell you why, but before I do, I would love to share with you a quick story of my Parenting and Communication Success with my son.


At the age of 5, my youngest child was diagnosed with Aspergers Autism and was told that he didn’t fit in, in the classroom and that he has learning disabilities that needed special help for the rest of his school life, because it was too hard to get him to follow instructions and do as he was told in the classroom.  So, I began to seek help from doctors and psychologists but I spent so much time and money trying to get the right answers and solution without positive outcomes. I was determined not to give up on my little boy.

At about the same time I was attending a personal development course on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) after being introduced to it by a close friend. It was based on a series of techniques of communication and understanding, so I started applying what I was studying with my son and instantly I began to see an improvement in his results, not only in his school work but also with his social interactions and behaviors.

I continue to work with him using my simplified approach of the communication strategies to coach and communicate with my son. My son is now a very happy, self-confident and healthy child and is more engaged in everything he does – not to mention how his grades went up in his classroom, appearing in his school newsletters for competitions and engaging in lots of numerous activities including swimming, chess, music, scouts, mathematics and science clubs with his schoolmates and friends!

To this day, I am so glad that I have the passion and persistence with helping my son even though others were ready to write him off and put him in the “too-hard basket”. Had I listened to external sources without listening and communicating with my son, I would have taken one of the recommendations to send him off to a “special needs” schooling environment that would become his new model of the schooling and communication world! What a life changing difference to my son’s life!

My son said to me before his bedtime one evening after learning and communicating with me using my Communication Strategies for several weeks.


You are my best mum and teacher! I now know how to think and speak to achieve win-win outcomes at school, at home and with anyone”. I helped my best friend, Tim, in class to change his thought to master his spelling technique yesterday and it worked! 

WOW! What a life changing moment in my parenting life !!

How rewarding and fulfilling would it be for you to hear such a sincere and truthful compliment from your own child when he is now armed with a set of precious GEMS, i.e. “The Life Skills Tool Box” that would help him think, speak and manage his emotions to attain win-win outcomes at home, at school and in any social setting!

You Can Start Now  To Help Your Kids, Teens and even Graduate Children Become More Successful Communicators At Home, At School, At Work and Socially !

Your TOP TEN MOST VALUABLE BENEFITS from using this “Life Skills Tool Box” program to raising happy, self-confident and healthy children:

  1. How you and your child can understand other’s primary sense system.
  2. How to coach your child to communicate with others.
  3. How to coach your child to fit in with others.
  4. How to communicate with your child to set goals.
  5. How to help your child improve school grades.
  6. How to coach your child to get rid of his/her fear of failure and phobias.
  7. How to coach your child to get homework done on time.
  8. How to help your child to manage time well.
  9. How to help your child to read another person and communicate well with them.
  10. How to coach your child to make better choices in life for now and their future.

……and many more benefits including the immensely beneficial impact to their future generations! That’s our legacy for our future generations!

With this ” Life Skills Tool Box” for parents, kids, teens, tutors,  You Can 

  1. Create a better relationship management strategy with your kids and teens!
  2. Create an increase in your kids and teens’ confidence at home, at school, as well as, socially!
  3. Unlock your kids’ and teens’ potential and help them become successful individuals for the rest of their life  and pass these gifts onto their children too!

Rachael Mah’s “Life Skills Tool Box” programs will put you on the path to a richer relationship with your child, teenager and even graduate kids, bring peace and harmony into their lives and give them a foundation on which to build a successful and fulfilling life!

Rachael’s “Life Skills Tool Box” is a set of very precious GEMS in every family home!

Quote: “If you raise your children and teenagers to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings.” - Brian Tracy

Passion & Mission!

After achieving extremely positive outcomes with coaching my two children( aged 5 and aged 9) , other parents’ children in the classroom and seminar students using the Life Skills Tool Box, I have been very inspired to author and publish her own books (ebook and hard copy) so that I can share with you the amazing power of this coaching program.

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I know you are like me and many parents i.e. YOU truly love and want the best for your child.

Imagine how beautiful your communication channel with your child would be like when he/she can communicate effectively, happy and healthy for life, be it at home, at school, at work and socially! This is the most precious GIFT from You to your Child, regardless he is 5, 17 or even 25 years old!

YOU CAN now be an empowering parent by starting to build a life time memorable relationship and communication chain with your child start right now. Be decisive and buy one of the Life Skills Tool Box For Parents” programs that most emulates with your heart’s desires right at this moment. 

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I would love your feedback and referral to your other families and friends.  Please do me a favor by providing me with your success story by email or video.  One more thing- I have taken all the risks from you for 60 days at no risk money back guarantee just in case you change your mind.

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Besides being an incredibly fulfilling and priceless achievement for you and your children and teens, these skills will be a legacy that your children and teens will pass on to their children one day.

Happy Kids, Teens and Graduates! Happy Parents! That’s our passion and mission.

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To Your Parenting and Tutoring Success!

Rachael Mah

Your Co- Partner in helping your children become confident communicators at home, at school, at work and socially!!